Kevin M. Kruse @KevinMKruse Historian. Author/editor of White Flight; The New Suburban History; Spaces of the Modern City; Fog of War; One Nation Under God; Fault Lines. Jan. 09, 2019 1 min read

Here’s a thought experiment:

Imagine if Obama hadn’t gotten the Affordable Care Act passed in 2010, even with Democrats in full control of Congress.

Imagine if Obama then made the ACA the central focus in the midterms, but Dems lost 40 seats and control of the House anyway.

Then imagine he demanded billions to fund it anyway, even though Congress and voters had just rejected the idea.

Imagine if Obama then shut down the government when Boehner and the Tea Party Republicans refused to fund it too.

Now imagine that, weeks into a government shutdown of his own making, Obama then said he was thinking about declaring a national emergency to fund it anyway, and that as president he had the right to do that whenever Congress refused to do what he wanted.

Imagine what the reaction from congressional Republicans and conservatives on Fox News would be.

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