Carole Cadwalladr @carolecadwalla Late adopter. Late giver-upper. Guardian & Observer writer. Jan. 09, 2019 1 min read

Ugh. So here we go again. Major £££ Facebook campaign targeting dozens of Labour MPs. When is Britain going to wake up to what's going on. What went on. And how our democracy has been utterly corrupted & debased by Facebook

Constituents of target Labour MPs being sent these ads by right-wing group. Here's @YvetteCooperMP but there's dozens more. When will Labour wake up & see the issues we've uncovered aren't to do with party politics, they're to do with democracy

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So in this case we do actually know who’s placing them. Unlike the previous shadowy outfits who were targeting MPs. Britain’s Future. Followed by Breitbart & LeaveEU’s Jack Montgomery, UKIP’s Gawain Towler & crime’s Darren Grimes

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