Jim Pickard @PickardJE Chief Political Correspondent, Financial Times Jan. 10, 2019 1 min read

the Grayling ferry story has taken another curious twist with Eurotunnel writing to the transport secretary expressing “serious concern” about the £103m offer to three ferry companies to provide new routes if there’s a no-deal Brexit

the letter was leaked to me yesterday, it says:

“I must bring to your attention the distortionary and anti-competitive effects of such an action, which would be a unilateral breach not only of the Concession Agreement with Eurotunnel but...(also)..competition and state aid law”

Eurotunnel wants a similar contract for itself. Otherwise it says it will consider all options, including legal action, against the transport department....

Here’s the letter

shadow transport secretary @AndyMcDonaldMP says: “This is yet another terrible indictment of Chris Grayling’s judgment which casts further doubt on the lawfulness and deliverability of his ferry contract awards. He should revoke the Seaborne contract forthwith.”

Unite says the DfT’s actions have left workers at Eurotunnel fearing for their futures. It says Grayling ignored the “one permanent link” between UK and continent: “He opted to give public funds to its competitors including a company with ghost ships and no usable harbour.”

er, thread

and now a group of MEPs led by @AlynSmith has written to EU Competition Commissioner @vestager raising concerns about the DFT ferry tendering process

interestingly one official tells me the DFT is still holding discussions with various companies to assess other potential options such as "additional rail freight services".

you can see some of the details here from the excellent @steve_hawkes in The Sun

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