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OTT Jeopardy Q1:

Answer: This digital platform believed it could launch a OTT Video service with, essentially, only one original series - one cancelled by a broadcast network after years of poor ratings

OTT Jeopardy Q2:

Answer: Four years ago, this online retailer brought an @TheOnion article to life after saying it would launch an SVOD service later that year. It was never mentioned again. Ever.

(h/t @JMKTVTweets on Q1 with "What is @Yahoo")

OTT Jeopardy Q3:

Answer: Owner of this now-dead genre SVOD shared its top content w/ Netflix, Hulu + freely on YouTube - until Netflix bought excl. rights. NFLX now spends more than SVOD's entire budget... on a single deal in the genre

(h/t @TeamAquaTrax on Q2 w/ "@Overstock")

OTT Jeopardy Q4:

Answer: Blue Chip giant was one of the first to announce an SVOD plan, greenlit a high-budget space epic, bought rights to other big foreign series and hired the former head of a broadcast net. It was cancelled before launch.

(h/t @imranm on Q3 w/ "@SeeSo")

OTT Jeopardy Q5:

Answer: This digital distribution pioneer remains a leader in its category, one much larger than TV/film, but for some reason has been renting/selling TV/film digital downloads for years (not that anyone cares or knows)

(h/t @wrosshoney on Q4 w/ “@Microsoft”)

OTT Jeopardy Q6:

Answer: This "millennial" service spent more than $1B (30% marketing!) trying to convince people it was cool + solved a customer need. Instead, it mostly financed incipient digital content studios before it was shutdown

(h/t @_Enoch_root_ on Q5 w/ “Steam”)

OTT Jeopardy Q7 (Daily Double!):

Answer: Audiences disagreed with this titular service

(h/t @spittake1 on Q6 w/ “Go90”)

OTT Jeopardy Q8:

Answer: This SVOD service was shut-down to further WarnerMedia's corporate SVOD.... 12+ months before its launch, for some reason, infuriating cinephiles and leaving much of this content unavailable

(No winners on 7: Comcast's Watchable or Rogers' Shomi)

OTT Jeopardy Q9:

Answer: This SVOD saw its biggest asset was offering the "rolling five" episodes of various broadcast shows. Audiences didn't really care - what mattered was catalogue content, originals and full series stacks (as always)

(h/t @Nagler on Q8 with @FilmStruck)

OTT Jeopardy Q10:

Answer: This SVOD's founding content deal gave it 4-5 recent episodes aired by its owners' broadcast networks... 1-7 days later... if they were also produced by that same broadcast networks own studio (but not one another's)

(h/t @akruglov on Q9 with @Hulu)

OTT Jeopardy Q11:

Answer: AVOD serviceTM targeted “online crews” who'd “forget the haters” and capture those “those OMGGG moments… like that catfight”. But the olds who designed it had no idea what Gen Z’s wanted. The service lost ~$1.5B

(h/t @akruglov on Q10 with @Hulu)

OTT Jeopardy Q12 (rethreading)

Answer: To watch old in-season eps from this cable net, you need to have Pay-TV, then buy a $5 add-on. But then you need to watch via an app. For PC, you still need to buy off iTunes. Also, no live TV on web.

(h/t @JAAuerbach on Q11 with @Go90)

OTT Jeopardy Q13 (rethreading)

Answer: This service's TV Everywhere / VOD app still isn’t available to Comcast subs (who pay $10-15/mo for net) as it refuses to needlessly have two identical apps, one for Pay-TV subs and one for D2C

(h/t @EntermediaNL on Q12 with @AMCPremiere)

OTT Jeopardy Q14 (rethreading)

Answer: This genre SVOD was owned by global SVOD giant, launched as add on (+60%) despite far less content than the two leaders in that genre. It shut down a year later, was folded into overall service

(h/t @PassionOfThePau on Q13 with @Starz)

OTT Jeopardy Q15

Answer: This OTT service first tried a la carte paid channels that were entirely unalike its core content, then a Spotify-style music subscription that removed adds on video too, then original content, then virtual Pay-TV

(h/t @dcryan on Q14 with Anime Strike)

OTT Jeopardy Q16

Answer: This OTT (reportedly) planned 3 tiers, each in an ad-free + ad-supported version, where active film franchises would fragment across each layer + not in order of recency. This was correctly abandoned for single service

(h/t @hoeglaw on Q15 w/ YouTube)

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