David Carroll 🦅 @profcarroll associate professor of media design @parsonsdesign @thenewschool teaching @mfadt and featured in #TheGreatHack on Netflix July 24 Jan. 13, 2019 1 min read

The paper of record missed the story of 2016. Neither the Washington Post nor the Wall Street Journal picked up the slack. The Grey Ladies failed spectacularly. They were all drunk on the horse race. They will be drunk on horse racing again in 2020.

The free press is essential to democracy but it must drop its stubborn yet profitable horse-race view-from-nowhere habit. This business model has been hacked by our adversaries. Get woke or be stupid.

Maybe I hammer the Grey Ladies so hard because they refuse to cover my consequential Cambridge Analytica legal work? I win a guilty plea but not a word of coverage by NYT, WaPo, WSJ. Yet basically all other news orgs will cover my efforts. It’s a very weird feeling.

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