Steve Bullock @GuitarMoog Immigrant, Musician, Sound Engineer, SNP, ex-negotiator for UK in EU. Brother of @JuliaKayPotts. Supporter of @FinalSayForAll. Jan. 13, 2019 1 min read

An 'unforgivable breach of trust', unlike going to court to bypass Parliament, ignore the Scottish Parl & stop MPs knowing the truth about A50 revocation, calling EU Citizens "Queue Jumpers", gong back on agreements, & refusing to ring-fence Citz' rights. 

Along with bribing an extremist party to prop-up a minority Govt, lying consistently to the public and MPs about what was possible, Ministers misleading Parliament, ignoring illegalities in a referendum, fixing Parliamentary Committees, and adopting Henry VIII powers.

Add to that blackmailing the public and MPs with threats of No Deal food & medicine shortages, demonising migrants, calling remainers Citizens of Nowhere, abandoning constitutional conventions, being found in contempt of Parliament, and undermining the Civil Service and Judiciary

Plus a side-order of Windrush, the Hostile Environment, victimising the poor and disabled, making secret promises to companies, dodgy procurement procedures, and selling weapons to human rights abusers.

Thanks @theresa_may, but I'll take my lessons on trust and democracy from someone else, thanks.

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