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Here is Bill Barr’s financial disclosure report.$FILE/Barr,%20William%20P.%20%20final278%20.pdf 

And here is his ethics agreement, in which he has apparently not elected to recuse from the Mueller investigation.$FILE/Barr,%20William%20P.%20%20finalEA%20.pdf 

Here is a quick analysis of Bill Barr’s financial disclosure report and ethics agreement:

1. Barr will not recuse from the Mueller investigation.

2. The law firm of Kirkland & Ellis paid Barr $1,188,257. That amount is not his annual salary. That’s the amount they paid him...

between 1/1/2017 and 12/24/2018.

3. Despite Kirkland & Ellis having paid Barr more than $1 million over about two years, Bar claims Caterpillar is the only client that paid the firm more than $5,000 for his services in any calendar year since 1/1/2016. (Assuming he bills...

about $1,100 per hour, that means he claims not to have provided more than about 4 hours of services to ANY other client in the past 3 years.)

4. Barr has pledged to divest a number of investment funds to which he has made capital commitments (i.e., pledged to invest more...

money when they are ready to acquire more holdings). Before he can sell off these investment funds, he’s going to have to get the fund managers to release him from his capital commitments.

5. After he initially filed his disclosure form, he made good on several of his...

capital commitments by investing additional money in the investment funds), but he did not remove the entries in his disclosure form for these capital commitments because the firm is a snapshot of his finances on the day he filed. (This means his investments in these...

investment funds are greater than he reported but his liabilities are smaller than he reported — and these particular funds will be easier to sell than the others.)

6. He has 3 intentionally defective grantor trusts. Without getting into the particulars of what they are, the...

thing that matters is that the way they are set up gives him a financial interest in them. He says he’ll modify them so that he will no longer have a financial interest in them.

7. Barr holds hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of tobacco stock, which he says he’ll sell....

if the Senate confirms him.

8. Barr is into competitive bag piping.

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