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Someone just asked me if I had a problem getting a new job since I took some time off from work. 3 months. I took a pause for 3 mo. How insane has world become that some people think you can't even a second off from work. It's the opposite. You should take time if you can.

If a company wouldn't hire you because you took a year off or even two or three, they're sociopaths. That's a patently absurd reason not to hire someone. You don't ever want to work at such a place anyway and have dodged bullets.

From this thread we have once again confirmed the uselessness of like 95% of recruiters and HR people but of course we already knew this. Michael hated Toby for a reason.

Anyone who believes taking a break from work should be punished somehow professionally are so far brainwashed into following (what are really) made up rules some assholes think you 'should' do to win the corporate rat race. I think we should just start to openly mock them.

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