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Can the US Patent and Trade Office explain why OxyContin, a drug who patent protection normally would have gone down in 2004 got extended to 2030? @uspto

Good catch on the FDA maybe explaining this too. I was just looking into Purdue's lobbying.

Rudy Giuliani, just after leaving his post as mayor of New York, just after 9/11, joined Purdue to lobby to keep OxyContin on the market. 

JCAHO pain guidelines were updated in late 2001. Once JCAHO is involved you get *Press-Ganey* scores involved, which is where patients can rate hospitals by judging the quality of their stay. 

There are penalties for hospitals with low scores. And NOW Press-Ganey gives patients a new question: "Was your pain adequately controlled?"

Doctors get pushed to prescribe opioids not just for their own judgment, but for *avoiding complaints.*

So: 1996, Purdue introduces OxyContin. 2001: Hospitals update standards of care, let patient judge their own pain control. Maybe only three more years before generics hit the market.

They hire Rudy and crank up the lobbying. The criminal case against them becomes a wrist slap.

Purdue gets more patent protection than I've ever heard of and can make billions until 2030 as an epidemic rages.

I'll bet this tragedy involves a lot of people. It sure involves a lot of money. 😠 </>

PS. Purdue takes OxyContin global just as Obama declares war on organized crime, 2011.

Look at which countries they expand into. The list is...familiar these days. 

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