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I suspect there‘s absolutely nothing Trump could ever do that would cause his allies in Congress to put America’s interests above their hyper partisan loyalty to him.

Let’s look at what they’ve been comfortable with:
— fired two law enforcement officials for investigating him /1

— allegedly instructed Cohen to lie to Congress
— drafted a false cover story for the Trump Tower Russia meeting
— concealed his debt to Cohen for a hush money payoff by omitting it from his financial disclosure report, a felony if done knowingly and willfully /2

— destroyed records of his secret meetings with Putin
— lied to the American people about his business dealings in Russia
— has been caught telling thousands and thousands of lies to the American people /3

— committed human rights violations with a new policy that caused an unprecedented number of family separations and made no effort to track the thousands of children taken
— used the military for an election stunt
— gave openly political speeches to the military and CIA /4

— violated the constitution’s emoluments clauses
— refused to divest conflicts of interest that now appear to be influencing govt policy
— actively furthered a cover-up of the torture murder of a Virginia resident, who wrote for the Washington Post, by one of his top customers /5

— has used his position for profit
— spent 1/3 of his days visiting his properties
— publicly called for a hostile foreign power to attack our elections
— failed to prevent his campaign chief and others from coordinating with a hostile foreign power that attacked our election /6

— shared classified info with Russia
— publicly disclosed a planned trip of legislators to a war zone
— put an unaccountable shadow cabinet of members of Mar-a-Lago in charge of VA, and circumvented ethics laws by naming Carl Icahn a presidential advisor without appointing him /7

— has continued to let his nepotistic son-in-law spearhead Middle East policy initiatives without a high level security clearance
— attempted to shield his criminal National Security Advisor from investigation /8

— has violated the Presidential Records Act and allowed his staff to use private means of communications (while complaining about his political rival’s emails)
— intervened in career-level disciplinary actions, which insulate certain key government functions from politics /9

— refused to take action on 10 findings of Hatch Act violations by his own appointee leading the agency that enforces the Hatch Act
— has undermined critical alliances and threatened to withdraw from NATO
— shut down the govt, leaving some desperate Feds in danger of eviction /10

— humiliated the U.S. by acting like Putin’s gushing subordinate in Helsinki
— has defended Russia against the findings of our own intelligence agencies, dragged his feet on sanctions against Russia, and advocated lifting sanctions on Oleg Deripaska and D.O.’s businesses /11

— announced withdrawal from Syria without consulting, or telling, the military
— is an unindicted coconspirator in criminal campaign finance violations
— called white supremacists “fine” people
— has disgraced the office of the presidency with disgusting tweets and statements /12

— dispatched the Counsel to the President to find out if a secret FISA warrant had been issued regarding his associates
— said that “flipping” to cooperate with federal law enforcement agents “almost ought to be illegal.”
— etc., etc., etc. /13

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