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Hi, everyone. I updated my crimes page with the latest allegations from Cohen that Trump suborned perjury. If you want a stunning overview, it's here:  https://russia-investigation-summary.com/crimes/ 

Someone asked me (I think @DrugstorCowboy ) if there's a list of impeachable offenses . . .

. . . a list of impeachable offenses would be impossible to compile (plus with Trump it would take a few lifetimes to complete) because of the wide-open standard for impeachable offenses.
From Princeton prof. Whittington. . .

“'high crimes and misdemeanors' is notoriously unclear. That’s on purpose. The framers wanted a fairly open-ended tool for removing an officer who posed a serious and immediate threat to the constitutional order . . .

. . . The impeachment power needed to be flexible enough to deal with circumstances that could not be easily foreseen."

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