Eric Garland @ericgarland Strategic intelligence analyst. Want to learn more about Trump-Russia? Check out Game Theory Today. Jan. 20, 2019 1 min read

OK time to talk about Bain Capital, Russia, offshore banking, and your family.

Your son goes to Russia to seek business while you're campaigning? For president? Really? 

Like Trump, you wouldn't disclose your taxes. And your trusts were offshore in unusual configurations. Detailed here, Mitt. 

Then there is - after you, but while you still wouldn't disclose your relationships - this matter of MESSING WITH THE MUSICAL INSTRUMENT BUSINESS. So we know about Bain and Ares Capital. 

Damn, @SenatorRomney, they took a hit on GC. $300M? Ouch. But Ares' Tony Ressler figured out a junk bond workaround, right? 

And Richard Ressler and CIM and those Israelis: don't they bail out Trump and Kushner?

Man...this is starting to make sense now!

Here's something I heard about years ago: if one business in a Caymans trust has trouble, and they're in a big LP vehicle with multiple corporations under the same private equity, they sluice cash over to the one that needs cash.

Accounting fraud.

Don't worry; I'm SURE this wasn't a reliable source who understood the accounting practices DIRECTLY and obviously the SEC, FTC, and FBI haven't been duly warned.

Just what we call "RUMINT."

How's Gymboree doing again?

I forget.

Anyhow, good luck with the Senate gig.

And nobody needs to check into Bain taking Guitar Center private in 2007 and the deals with their executives.

Total conspiracy theory. 😀 </>

PS> This wasn't a fraction of what was wrong. But: got a million page views in a week. Prescient. It's why you lost. And then, the ugly got exposed. 

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