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A few days ago I tweeted about how key figures in British establishment have taken £££ off Deripaska, a key figure in Mueller’s inquiry. I hope they watch this. It’s truly chilling

Is this why no-one is talking about Britain's central role in the Trump-Russia axis? The govt, the opposition & and a number of influential centrists are all compromised by Russia in different ways. Its influence crosses party lines. This is about national security not politics.

If you haven't watched this & are at all interested in Trump-Russia, it's well worth your time. Alexei @navalny, the prominent Russian opposition leader, lays out the significance of the video Rybka filmed on board Deripaska's yacht with Russian deputy PM 

(It has subtitles!)

Now read the other story about Deripaska's yacht. The one from 2008 that involved: Rupert Murdoch, Peter Mandelson, George Osborne, Matthew Freud, James Harding (then at BBC), Nat Rothschild...definitive piece here by @janemerrick23. 

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