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Er, this doesn’t “provide for” healthcare for British Citizens in the EU. It gives the minister powers to make and implement reciprocal agreements with the EU (yet to be negotiated), or, in the event of no deal, individual Member States (also yet to be negotiated).

Which is made clear in the @commonslibrary briefing (no.08435) here: 

And in the Government’s own Explanatory Notes to the bill: 

Incidentally, the Govt’s Explanatory Notes also give an excellent run down of the reciprocal healthcare rights that UK citizens will lose if we leave the EU, and which UKGov will have to try to negotiate replacements for in the future relationship.

Or, in the case of No Deal, UKGov would need to negotiate bilateral agreements with the 30 members of the EU and EEA.

Still, now a minister has these powers, I’m sure that’ll all be a doddle.

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