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Andy Ayim
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EdTech has sooo much opportunity ahead. In exploring homeschooling, independent schooling, state schools, Forest schools, Montessori schools, EYFS and more I've experienced what is broken. Here are a few observations:

1) young children are sponges and love learning. its fun for them and as parents you are the primary educators in shaping their habits.

2) Kids are curious and do amazing things when you feed their curiosity, let them explore and help them understand how to operate in the world.

3) Schools group people by age because it is convenient for them, however this is inconvenient for society. As we leave schools and nothing else is sorted by age e.g. at home, at work, at play....

4) We still teach according to subjects such as science, english and geographies. These are not job roles in the workplace or how we operate in the wider world.

5) We need to rethink how we re-package the learning experience to map better to the wider world. Mental health, communication, decision making, coding are all basics that should be taught in school imho.

6) The opportunity cost of childcare and private education marginalise parents from low income communities as they are unaffordable,

7) investment in education is not linear to schooling. Opening a bank account, funding your childs little tuck shop business, adding your child to your mortgage, teaching them how you invest, reading books on great thinkers etc. are all diverse ways parents can teach lessons too.

8) This is a new generation, which call for new solutions to the problems our children are facing!

9) Friends aka the peer network for children are EQUALLY primary educators for children alongside parents.

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