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This video is a must-watch.

When asked whether he supports @aoc’s plan for plutos like him to pay higher taxes, Dell says he opposes it, using philanthropy as the excuse.

He says he and his wife spend the 💰 better than government. This is how giving is used to push austerity.

This faith in private redistribution of wealth over public redistribution of wealth suggests a total blindness to the importance of legitimacy. It elevates efficiency as the highest value of the society, not democracy.

Also notable is the fact that giving is here used as justification for not doing another thing: taxing.

But this is a bad deal for the society, because while taxes would affect every plutocrat, we cannot be sure that all plutocrats will give in the way he claims he is.

Every day, I‘m asked: What could be wrong with doing good?

This video captures it. The generous act does not stand alone. It is being used. Being put to work.

And the work it’s doing is staving off another thing that would help people on a scale much greater than charity.

So plutocratic do-gooding not only proves inadequate to the task of narrowing the gap in savagely unequal societies. It becomes critical to upholding the inequality.

To close @winnerstakeall, I interviewed @chiaracordelli about why it matters whether we redistribute privately or publicly.

Private redistribution, she told me, turns your equals as citizens into, effectively, your children.

“But other people are not your children,” she said.

In short, the plutocracy flew to Switzerland this week in private jets to talk about Africa, and, without meaning to, gave @AOC’s tax plan its biggest boost yet. They oppose it because they oppose democracy.

What better endorsement is there?

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