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Mueller did indict him on Aiding and Abetting.

What else is 18 US Section 2 doing in the heading?
He didn't elaborate on the evidence backing it up, but there are hints.
All the evidence does not have to go into a charging doc.

See next tweet for screen shot.

Here's the screen shot of the indictment.

Section 2 is at the end, but it isn't a typo because it's mentioned again in paragraph 41. Besides, there will not be a typo.

Here's what section 2 means:  https://www.law.cornell.edu/uscode/text/18/2 

Also, there is plenty of evidence here of aiding and abetting.
Aiding and abetting implies a larger interpose with other principals.
Okay so what about that "was directed"👇?
Who did the directing? And who were those senior campaign folks?
cont. . .

There just isn't a separate heading gathering the evidence together.

There's also evidence of aiding and abetting a cyber crime (see 👇conspiracy to disseminate hacked emails)

But the aiding and abetting seems to be about obstruction (Paragraph 41.)

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