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I’ve done abortions after 24 weeks.
For several years I lived in a state with no gestational age limit.
I have never done one that was not medically indicated.
I was never approached by any woman to do a non medically indicated abortion.

So spare me the lies.
Abortion after 24 weeks is very rare.
It is very expensive.
These are not “whims” because a woman is tired of being pregnant.
These are situations with tragic fetal anomalies, sometimes compounded by maternal health issues

I know of one case after 24 weeks where there were no fetal anomalies. It took months to get the court order as the child’s parents would not consent. It was in the news, so not a HIPAA violation. She had raped by her brother if I remember correctly.

Here are some examples:
25 weeks, severe growth restriction and fetus not expected to survive. Pregnant person has severe pre eclampsia, chooses abortion over c-section

32 weeks, anencephalic fetus. Pregnant person just can’t take people touching her belly and asking about the baby. Chooses an early induction, which is technically an abortion.

Triploidy pregnancy. Had been planning to deliver at term and have hospice. At 36 weeks, transverse lie. Can’t be induced for this reason. Does not want a c-section. Chooses a dilation and extraction.

Anyone, especially any doctor, who says these are not indicated is wrong.

If you have never done a post 24 week procedure, so you have spoken with her and also likely with her high risk OB and/or geneticist, you have zero credibility to discuss the procedure.

Sometimes hypertension in pregnancy is so bad that a 26 week fetus is the size of one that is 19 weeks. The mother is literally dying from her high blood pressure. The D and E may be safer and faster. Your patient is counseled by neonatology and OB and then she makes a choice.

Imagine being 12 or 13, you are raped by your brother. Get pregnant. And you have to fight for emancipation to get an abortion?

I could go one. The permutations and combinations of pregnancy horror are truly bizarre and tragic.

A doctor, a especially an OB/GYN, with no empathy or medical understanding of these situations? That is frightening.

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