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Imagine if people in fields other than business had the same confidence in the transferability of their very specific skills.

"I am a writer. Having carefully crafted several paragraphs, I am confident in my ability to govern the United States."

"I am a longtime math teacher. I know when things don't add up. Therefore, I am announcing my candidacy to take over the federal budget as president of the United States."

"I am a personal trainer. America needs a workout to get back in shape. Therefore, instead of accepting a promotion to a management position at my gym, I am running for president."

"I am a sculptor. I can make literally anything. Having shown in galleries and now in museums, the logical next step for me is taking over the country."

"I am a hairdresser. We are entangled in too many foreign wars, and my experience detangling, including one situation involving gum, gives me tremendous confidence in my ability to lead America in these times."

Metaphor isn't qualification. Being an IT worker is no guarantee of being able to "reboot" America. Being a butler is no guarantee of being able to anticipate the nation's needs. Being a pilot is no guarantee of being able to land the country in turbulent times.

But people from these other professions seldom presume to tell us that they can run the country.

Only business executives routinely do.

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