Leo Polovets @lpolovets General Partner @SusaVentures (seed investor in @RobinhoodApp & @Flexport). Before: @Caltech → 2nd non-founding engineer @LinkedIn → @Google → @Factual. Jan. 29, 2019 1 min read

1/ Here are some cool job openings at companies @SusaVentures works with. Each tweet lists an opening + what makes the company special. There are roles of all kinds (eng, sales, PM) in locations all over the US. If you're interested, please apply! #SusaJobs

2/ Company: @outlierai in Oakland
Blurb: Outlier analyzes your business data & automatically surfaces valuable insights
Roles: SW Eng, Data Sci, BD
🔥CEO previously started Flurry ($300m acq)
🔥Lots of interesting data to analyze
🔥Product has big impact on customers' businesses

3/ Company: @Troops in NYC
Blurb: Troops helps sales & customer success teams automate their workflows
Roles: Finance/Ops, Demand Gen, BD, PM
🔥Very experienced founding team
🔥Customers *LOVE* the product
🔥Still a very small team given stage of product. High impact opportunity

4/ Company: @susaventures in SF
Blurb: Seed stage VC fund, previously backed Robinhood & Flexport
Roles: Controller; EA/Office Manager
🔥Work with @chadbyers, @NatalieAFleming, @SethGB, & me!
🔥Become a core part of the growing Susa Family🦍
🔥Access to top founders & investors

5/ Company: @pachydermio in SF
Blurb: Pachyderm helps co's deploy language-agnostic reproducible data pipelines
Roles: SW Eng, dev evangelists
🔥Excellent founder/market fit
🔥Addressing key problem for data science (lack of reproducibility)
🔥Just raised Series A from Benchmark

6/ Company: @chatdesk in NYC
Blurb: Chatdesk helps companies deliver consistently excellent customer experiences
Roles: SW Eng, AE
🔥Strong social mission
🔥Huge vision for improving access to jobs + reinventing customer care
🔥More variety in product/eng work than most co's

7/ Company: @getSTORD in Atlanta
Blurb: Stord is building a world-class warehousing and distribution network
Roles: PM, SW Eng, UX, AE
🔥Two exceptional cofounders (both Forbes 30 Under 30)
🔥Warehousing impacts *everything*
🔥Marketplace + SaaS = amazing moat

8/ Company: @workramp in SF
Blurb: Modern training sw built for sales & support teams
Roles: SW Eng, AE, BD Rep, CSM
🔥Tight-knit, inclusive team
🔥Great mission of helping people be better at their jobs
🔥Enables sharing best practices across companies ( https://workroom.workramp.com )

Outlier  https://outlier.ai/careers/ 
Troops  https://troops.ai/careers/ 
Susa  https://medium.com/@SusaVentures/team-susa-is-growing-48895599d93f 
Pachyderm  https://jobs.lever.co/pachyderm/ 
Chatdesk  https://chatdesk.com/careers.html 
Stord  https://angel.co/stord/jobs 
Workramp  https://angel.co/workramp/jobs 

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