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more stories with realistic AI!
i want a terminator robot that can't figure out how to use a doorknob

or a terminator robot that keeps mistaking other vaguely similar looking people for its target b/c its face recognition has a realistic false positive rate

the protagonists win when they design an adversarial attack that convinces the terminator robot that an oncoming boulder is a butterfly

even without adversarial attack, the terminator is firmly convinced that your jacket is a small bird. arguing will not convince it otherwise.

"eliminate target human" was too tricky a concept, so the terminator's rewarded for finding the target human & shooting bullets at it. the protagonists trick it into wearing a VR headset, then put it in a custom matrix with infinite faces & "bullets". in ecstasy, it never leaves.

The terminator was never trained on images of empty rooms so it always thinks a cat is there. In parks, it thinks there are giraffes

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