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The one positive thing that could come from Shultz's run: everyone finally sees that the weak-tea, center-left, deficit-hysteria, we-can't-afford-anything platform, which dominated the Dem establishment for so long, is, empirically & economically, bullshit.

It's not "more realistic" than democratic socialism, or "more grounded in economics." It's an unholy conglomeration of myths & failed policies that retains its grip on American politics (despite being extremely unpopular) because it APPEALS TO RICH DICKHEADS.

America's political class -- pols, staffers, lobbyists, journalists, etc. -- spends most of its time around rich people, or consuming the opinions of rich people. The views of rich people come to infuse US politics at an almost subconscious level. They *sound* right to elites.

But the policies Schultz is pushing are absurd, on purely economic terms -- far more absurd than the demsoc policies being pushed by, eg, AOC. There is nothing at all to recommend them *except* their appeal to rich people. That is their sole advantage (and not a small one!).

Anyway, as usual, @EricLevitz said all of this much more cogently:  http://nymag.com/intelligencer/2019/01/howard-schultz-2020-inequality-is-less-of-a-realist-than-ocasio-cortez.html 

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