Steve Bullock @GuitarMoog Immigrant, Musician, Sound Engineer, SNP, ex-negotiator for UK in EU. Brother of @JuliaKayPotts. Supporter of @FinalSayForAll. On Holiday. Back soon. Jan. 30, 2019 1 min read

This really is a new low.

Beyond me how any Labour supporter can possibly support their leader on this. So many things to object to in the Withdrawal Agreement and Declaration, but the Backstop is not one of them. 1/

Not only is it undermining the part guaranteeing peace, and supporting May and the ERG's line on this, but it is also showing total ignorance of the fact that without the Backstop there can be no Withdrawal Agreement.

Even if UKGov proposes permanent SM and Customs Union membership, or close to, that will need to be negotiated with EU27 after Brexit as part of the future relationship. 3/

A commitment to it now does not remove the need for the Backstop. The negotiations may fail. They may not be done by the end of transition. The UK may change its stance on it. There may be a new Govt with neither of the present leaders as PM. 4/

I can't believe that, at this stage, the most senior politicians don't understand this. 5/

Really, this is a shocking moral, strategic and political error. I expect this of the right of the Tories. It is a disgrace for a Labour leader. A real disgrace. 6/

And, as @patrickkmaguire points out in the thread above, the backstop is not even that different to the permanent Customs Union Corbyn says he favours. 7/

Although, in his version the UK gets a say on the EU's trade deals, which EU27 will never accept.

Is chucking the Backstop under the bus, demanding things that EU27 will never agree to, and endangering the GFA is part of a long game? Aye right. 8/

This is beyond a disgrace. 9/9

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