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By the way, Peter Freuchen was a fearless explorer who HATED nazis. When he heard people being anti-Semitic in his presence, he would loom over them and say loudly, "*I* am a JEW!"

Freuchen's fearlessness, his willingness to stand up for the oppressed, and his active resistance to nazis inspired me to create #Freuchenmas.

PS Freuchen's first wife, Mekupaluk, was Inuit. From Wikipedia: "When she died he wanted her buried in the old church graveyard in Upernavik. The church refused to perform the burial, because [Mekupaluk] was not baptized, so Freuchen buried her himself."

Basically, Peter Freuchen was absolutely fearless, stood up for righteousness, and did not give one fuck. I aspire to be like him.

PPS if you don't know the story, Freuchen was once trapped in an avalanche and he chiseled his way to freedom using an ice pick that he fashioned from his own frozen feces.

PPPS Freuchen's second wife Dagmar was also freaking amazing. 

"In 1968, she wrote Cookbook of the Seven Seas, whose title was inspired by her husband's famous book, Book of the Seven Seas." I AM DEAD.

I have a copy of Freuchen's Book of the Seven Seas at home and need to read it and blog about it soon.

Freuchen's first wife took on the name Narvarana, and I can see why he loved her: "In legend Navarana was an Inuit woman who brought about disunity by alternating between her tribe of native Greenlanders and the Norse colonists." They both rocked the boat.

One final thought: Freuchen chiseling himself to freedom from an avalanche using an ice pick fashioned from his own feces is like "The Shawshank Redemption" on cocaine.

"Get busy shittin', or get busy dyin'."

By the way, I broke down and ordered another book by Peter Freuchen, about his arctic explorations. He wrote a *LOT* of books, on exploration, culture, and science. I want to be like Peter Freuchen even more now.

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