Please be cautious with new followers. There is a flood of old accounts going back to 2008-2009 that are showing up in large numbers. They have very few tweets. Most follow large amounts of verified accounts. They are following us one after the other.


Take a very close look.
Look for gaps in their timelines
Look for poor grammar
Look for accounts that are mostly retweets.
Look for who they follow and see if it makes sense.

The amount of Bots being created right now is out of control. Gone are the days of the Accounts with no pic and 8 digits following the name. These look more normal. They have morphed. Old accounts are being repurposed.

The other thing to really take care with is being followed by Locked Accounts. If you don’t know the account block them. Go through your followers and block them. You cant see who they follow. You can’t see their content. They are dropping on is in huge numbers.

Along with that if you are analyzing an account that follows Locked Accounts in series or large numbers stay away. These accounts can unlock in a moment and cause real problems in our timelines.

I know this won’t be popular but here it goes. The easiest way for Russian Bots to get into our followers is through FBR. Follow Back Parties are an open door for a Bot Farm to load up the Resistance.

These accounts will communicate. They look more normal and these FBR parties are an open door.

A Follower is just a number. If they aren’t going to help with your messaging. If they aren’t someone you like to see in your timeline then what good is a larger number of them?

There are two ways to get rid of a follower. You can block. Or you can soft block. A soft block is accomplished by blocking and then unblocking. The account will no longer follow you but is not blocked.

I am worried. We have never seen the proliferation of Bots like we are seeing now. Especially now that they have morphed into a less obviously identifiable Bot. Something is up. They are ramping up. We need to be very cautious.

Sorry to be a bummer but Twitter is doing nothing to get ahead of this. We are all we have.

Please Retweet for all to see.

You can follow @mikefarb1.


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