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Christ alive! Just had a glance at Lord Saatchi's draft Bill for @thatginamiller's Lead not Leave campaign.

Reading this, I can only assume it's a plot by someone with an obsessive hatred of Germany to guarantee that the UK leaves the EU. Have a look. Dreadful bullshit. 1/

And that's entirely aside from the fact that EU27 would have less than zero interest in limiting freedom of movement and re-distributing Council voting rights to give the UK more power to suit the UK. Zero interest. 2/

I'd initially called it a Remain unicorn. As the Brexiters did, it's selling the unachievable, which is wrong in itself, whichever side does it. 3/

But it's worse than that. It plays to and promotes Leave myths about a German plan to dominate Europe and the UK's weakness in the EU (both untrue), and stokes andy-FoM and anti-Immigrant sentiment with precisely the same language as the Brexiters and the far right. 4/

So, no, I don't support it. I condemn it.

The @andywightman case brought the judgement that we can remain in the EU on our current, bespoke, beneficial terms. We should do so. And we should do it without insulting our friends & neighbours, or misleading the public about it. 5/5

I can see the appeal. Lead not Leave is a good line, but we were a leader, and we will be able to again, in time, if we do remain.

Anyone sensible should disassociate themselves from this though.


PS, the link to the document: 

PPS, for those who don't believe this is real, I didn't either, but it seems to check out. 

I very much hope someone comes and tells me they've been hacked and none of this is real.

Oh no. It appears to be real (although falsely terms a "Bill", I think).

Update: It appears to have been removed from the @LeadNotLeaveUK website.

Deary me. It seems to have been removed, edited a bit to remove some but not all referenced to Germany, and reposted.

Lord Saatchi’s speech is though of course still in Hansard 

Here’s the edited version 

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