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1 THREAD- Donald Trump’s Frontotemporal Dementia. Trump has a physical on 2/8. In a panicked move, he named Dr Ronny Jackson as his Medical Advisor 6 days beforehand. Ronny gave him the fantasy physical last yr & is under investigation. This feels very much like Trump is cornered

2 A real physical for someone in Trump’s condition would immediately trigger a referral to a neurological team to further evaluate his symptoms & deterioration. Most likely, White House Doctor Sean Conley isn’t giving Trump a pass on his condition or glowing review like Ronny did

3 It is possible Trump wants Ronny to do another sham exam. There is also the possibility that Trump is in a jam & wants Ronny there to control the results other doctors get. By looking to Ronny, it may be a sign Trump's doctors are not going to play along with the health charade

4 Dementia patients have an initial time period where they can work & live a normal life. Trump’s enablers extended his time in an executive role far beyond any rational measure. Grifters gotta grift & this family, so bereft of integrity, needs him as Pres to maximize their grift

5 Trump is in denial. He will never admit to Dementia. Even when he’s in a wheelchair & can’t speak the Trumpsters will claim it’s something else. Dementia to Trump, would end his greatness. Ivanka & the rest of them must know what’s happening, but if they act, they are at risk.

6 I suspect Dr Harold Bornstein saw it or gave him softened bad news like “they are just senior moments, stay active”. Doctors don’t like to destroy patients hopes. Knowing dementia moves slowly at first, they will tone down the alarm & eventually give a referral to a neurologist

7 Normally the public would not be diagnosing Trump from afar. It’s usually a private matter- the patient lightens their load and withdraws from public life. What we have with Trump is a unique spectacle- a TV President in mid stage dementia with an active cover up taking place.

8 He’s not faking. His symptoms go way back. I saw it when he announced his run. They are obvious & extreme now. Don’t worry he’s not getting off. He doesn’t have a legal guardian yet & he committed all his crimes when he knew of a concept some people follow called right vs wrong

9 Dementia didn’t make Trump a narcissistic criminal & traitor. He is a narcissistic criminal & traitor who developed dementia. He will be held responsible & won’t escape punishment. The evil in his soul is laid bare by dementia, while most sociopaths are better at concealing it

10 Trump’s dementia became much more obvious at the G7 in June 2018. This thread within a thread has a large amount of further detail.

11 Trump's dementia, as expected, was even more pronounced in Paris this fall, where he mostly stayed in his room and made this wobbly walk from his limo. Balance issues will steadily worsen and lead to a wheelchair.

12 Trump has new recent symptoms of dementia. He’s not just slurring, he can’t form certain sounds at all and drops the entire syllable when speaking. Like this:

13 He is losing his memory now. He couldn’t remember Michael Cohen’s father-in-law’s name in one interview. Days later, in another interview he couldn’t remember what he said about the father-in-law. “I did have to read what I said. What did I say? I don’t know. What did I say?”

14 Trump is dominated by dementia now. We are also dominated by it. The majority of the news is really about Trump’s aberrant behavior. Stop and think about that. Here’s a fresh list of Trump’s obvious dementia symptoms:

15 What is it? Frontotemporal Dementia has a few sub forms. I suspect his is PSP- Progressive Supranuclear Palsy. It takes a neurological exam, workup, baseline, MRI & time comparison to nail it down. Without getting in to Tau protein info, basically brain cells steadily die off.

16 The public will eventually learn the diagnosis. Once Trump is yanked from office, his lawyers may try to leverage it with home detention before trial, instead of the specially built prison/nursing home setup that he will live his remaining days in. He remains a security risk.

17 Trump is being propped up by:
-A WH that has become a luxury assisted living center.
-Enablers who want to extend their own positions & priorities
-Probably a drug cocktail like Memantine, Levodopa, Zoloft for memory movement & mood.
-The Adderall rumors are probably true too.

18 A message for the Media: You are missing a big one. The reporter that exposes the coverup of Trump's health issues will have a bombshell story. The drugs, the enablers, the near disasters. Even Ronny doing a venogram & neck ultrasound after a slurring incident was glossed over

19 END Eventually Trump will become incapacitated. Clinically said, the prognosis is poor. There are zero dementia survivors on the planet. It steadily worsens w/ no remission. Drugs don't work. The outcome is set no matter what Ronny or anyone else does. Dementia always wins out

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