Anand Giridharadas @AnandWrites @TIME editor at large. Author of @WinnersTakeAll, THE TRUE AMERICAN, & INDIA CALLING. MSNBC political analyst. @PriyaParker's man. Father. Rhymes with "almond." Feb. 04, 2019 1 min read

This is madness.

Mark Zuckerberg, his company credibly accused of compromising multiple democratic elections and abetting ethnic violence, dismisses criticism as people emphasizing the negative.

Again, he needs to resign. 

This is why entrusting enormous swaths of human activity, from our intimate conversations to our democratic discourse, to a class of boy-men who have little grasp of human nature, little access to their own feelings, and little capacity for self-reflection is truly catastrophic.

.@karaswisher's moment with Zuck trying to get him to feel something about the ethnic violence issue retains its cautionary power. How can someone so incapable of human feeling wield so much power over the human future?

Meeting him where he is.

I'm not a fan of insider trading. But the fact that someone who once called in a stock tip illegally does hard time and Zuckerberg, having seriously damaged democracy on an epic scale, is out here self-justifying with impunity feels weird.

I'm not sure where the Overton Window around big tech is, but it needs to be pried open so that criminal liability is part of the conversation. Lots of white-collar crooks are in jail for way less.

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