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I held my tongue about Corbyn, so as not to alienate his supporters who claimed he was playing a “long game” on Brexit.

I held my tongue as self-appointed Remain leaders made the same mistakes as 2016, so as to keep “unity” in the movement.

I was wrong to do either.

It’s now abundantly clear that corbyn did and does have a Long Game on Brexit. The objectives of it are the UK out of the EU, Freedom of Movement ended, the people blaming the Tories, and him in power on the back of the suffering and chaos it caused.

It’s also now abundantly clear that a campaign led by many of those who failed catastrophically in 2016, with the same lack of positive messages and British exceptionalism, and the same apologising for rather than extolling the virtues of FoM and closer cooperation was stupid.

Many of us pointed this out quietly, but we should have shouted it from the rooftops. Instead we, often with little campaign experience ourselves, thought the seasoned political operators who did have this experience must know what they were doing, and that we should stay united.

When people told me Corbyn wanted Brexit and would never turn, and that some at the top of @peoplesvote_uk were only there with an eye to being seen to fight, failing and using it to springboard a new party for 2022, I knew there was a ring of truth to both.

So apologies to those who weren’t so naive and warned us of these things a year or even 2 years ago. I was wrong.

For those who think I'm too hard on @peoplesvote_uk, ask yourself if promoting Blair, Clegg or Blunkett telling EU27 that it had to limit freedom of movement for the UK to remain was going to convince EU27 (whose agreement to an extension is needed for a PV) it was serious.

Whether leaflets saying that the divorce bill was "£50bn for nothing in return" were likely to make the very people we needed support from sympathetic to the cause.

If ignoring EU27 citizens' rights and refusing to let @the3million speak at events was going to inspire confidence in our solidarity with the very countries whose citizens they are.

If having to to be dragged kicking and screaming by others (mainly @bestforbritain) into adding, half heartedly, "with an option to remain", and refusing to engage on what the question should be would help convince EU27 to take the political risks necessary.

And now we have @thatginamiller and @LeadNotLeaveUK with more tone-deaf Britsplaining to the EU about what it "needs" to do. Unsurprisingly, this is again limiting something the rest of the EU is happy with, and giving the UK more power, and unsurprisingly EU27 doesn't agree.

So, great, we've managed to turn one of the most anti-Brexit, pro-UK leaders -someone who always believed remaining was possible - against the possibility.

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