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Unreal ... FYI, if all of Northam, Fairfax, & Herring resigned, the GOP state House speaker becomes gov. GOP lost the VA House popular vote in 2017 & only holds a 51-49 majority because of a gerrymander that was ruled unconstitutional & just redrawn ... 

And let's not forget that the Virginia GOP only won their 51st seat, & thus the majority, because some voters were assigned to the wrong districts (one of two close races where this was an issue) 

I doubt any of them resigns at this rate, but this isn't actually clear. See my thread from Friday on why state law is ambiguous about whether the gov has the power to appoint an LG. However, they can appoint an AG, but only if the lege isn't in session...

The Republican state House speaker owes his majority (& possibly even his own seat) to a racist gerrymander that was struck down & redrawn over its discrimination against black voters. Virginia is showing us what systemic problems look like

Seriously, the parliamentary system (& proportional representation) would have done a lot of wonders in Virginia

Nothing is legally stopping states from adopting the parliamentary system. In fact, six states have veto override taking just a simple majority, making the governor quite weak. In others like Maine, the legislature even elects officers like treasurer & AG

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