Matt Navarra @MattNavarra Social media industry commentator + consultant | Previously director of social @thenextweb + digital comms @govuk | Self-confessed geek 🤓 Feb. 06, 2019 1 min read


1/ This is Twitter’s DARKER night mode coming soon (hidden feature enabled)

2/ Twitter’s encrypted direct messages feature (hidden feature/enabled)

3/ Twitter’s auto-night mode (hidden feature/enabled)

4/ Twitter image caption overlay / location sticker feature (hidden feature/enabled)

5/ Twitter to let you un-dock and move the tweet compose button?!

6/ Twitter side-menu options for new features coming soon?

- News
- Friends
- Highlights

7/ Twitter is FINALLY testing a Retweet with GIF reaction button!!

7a/ Here’s what the Twitter retweet and React with GIF option looks like...

8/ Twitter is testing a drag-n-drop feature for tweets on iOS?

Let’s you select a tweet from your feed and place it into a new tweet to RT + comment OR into a DM to send on to someone privately.

8b/ Here’s how the Twitter drag-n-drop for tweets into a DM looks...

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