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1/ Hiring the First Woman Dev

If you have no women devs in your company/department/team and you’re looking to hire one, please make the first one an experienced dev. Only after she’s there, hire a newly graduate and put them in the same team.

2/ Someone asked me for advice on this, and I thought it might be useful to more folks.

3/ Don’t be surprised if workplace satisfaction goes down after you hire your first woman. That happens almost always. The dynamic in the team changes, the tone changes, people feel less socially confident. This is normal. Often, the team will blame the woman. Prepare them.

4/ I seriously think the first woman in a company or department (or even in a team sometimes) should get hazard pay. You are using them to change your culture on top of their day job. They should be paid for that. That job is often no fun at all.

5/ Probably you will need to headhunt this woman, she’ll probably not be easy to find, and she’s most probably already employed.

6/ This cartoon @mlayten tweeted (thank you!) sums up pretty much all of this 💜
”Purl | Pixar SparkShorts” 

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