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Let's have a look at the indictment of Paul Erickson, the GOP insider working directly with a Russian agent!

Old school! Back to the 1990s! Structured finance, LLCs, and a fossil-fuel play! 22 years of South Dakota to DC fun!

This was a GOP insider who conducted these alleged crimes while working for presidential campaigns. Think about that.

Using old folks homes for fraud and money laundering. Even without the connection to Russian agents, this is pretty unsavory!

Like urgent care centers, these assisted living centers are being built at a rate that seems unsupported by market forces. Nota bene. There may be "alternative profit structures" in many of them.

Ain't no cellar floor with these people in terms of shamelessness.

It's allegedly a Ponzi scheme with an extra help of humiliating people who are sick. Mmkay.

That North Dakota oil thing absolutely felt like a Tulip Bulb Craze, even though we were producing more liquid fuels. And here we go.

90% in three months: Ponzi af

Use banks for structured Ponzis? Get wire fraud charges. Pretty simple, really.

Aaaaand: Money laundering.


1. Taking out $14,000 in cash tends to raise flags.
2. $20k to American University in DC? Did he have a kid going there needing tuition...or was that Butina? Or other?

ANYWHOOOOO @GOP, your insiders have a lot of Russia connections and quite a few felonies.

And I suspect we're just getting started.



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