Raman Ksaitor.eth @ksaitor Started @CryptoJobsList when I was looking for a dev job in crypto… now helping 20k+ people get one too! 👨‍💻 Serial maker. Also @BitcoinFear Feb. 07, 2019 1 min read

The problem with startups is that too many people are trying to launch rocketships without ever flying a paper airplane successfully.

In 2014 I've spent 2.5 years working 70h/week with a team of 3 engineers, VC money, launching an over-engineered events app RSVPD. It made $19k in its lifetime. We spent many times more $$$ on salaries and servers.

RSVPD was meant to the the Instagram for events. "The one" social app for people to discover and attend events worldwide. We had sophisticated backed infrastructure, scraped around 10 million events worldwide. We pitched it hard to ton of VCs as a rocketship 🚀

In 2017 I spent 2 days writing @CryptoJobsList, alone with $0 in VC funding. Over 1.5 years it made $22k with me working 4 hours a week on it and spending $10/month for a Heroku server.

Crypto Jobs List was meant to solve my own problem of find a job and I expected it to fail in a week. I was not thinking how big will it get, how big is the market, will it scale — none of that b/s. Was not pitching it to VCs.
I was just building it for myself.

When you stop drinking Silicon Valley Unicorn kool aid, stop comparing yourself to Stanford teenagers that raise millions $$$ a day after coming up with an idea… And focus on solving your own small problems — that's when you are on the path to real success 🚀

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