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Watching Whitaker's hearing, this hysterical meltdown by @RepDougCollins is one of the most ridiculous sights of the past 2 years. He has decided that protecting POTUS from accountability for repeating Nixon's Saturday Night Massacre is the hill he wants his reputation to die on.

And @RepDougCollins gets his head handed to him with a pathetic 10-24 vote on his impotent motion to dismiss. Of course, if he had fulfilled his constitutional mandate to oversee the executive branch for the past two years, he might not be in the powerless minority.

Whitaker has the chutzpah to open by calling the congressional oversight of his shameful refusal to follow the guidance of agency ethics officials and to collude in a a slow-motion Saturday Night Massacre a "sad day."

Whitaker wastes his opening statement defending the record of DOJ for the past two years -- UNDER JEFF SESSIONS, WHOM THE PRESIDENT FIRED! He is literally making the case that the firing of Sessions was solely about the investigation of Trump, which doesn't actually need making.

Whitaker says he won't answer questions that "may" implicate executive privilege, continuing the Trump administration's game of neither declaring executive privilege nor answering questions. Absurdity!

After two questions, Whitaker says he has answered all the questions he's going to answer about the Special Counsel investigation and won't even say how many times or when he was briefed.

Whitaker demands to know "the basis" for the Chairman's questions -- apparently seeming to think that he's in charge of Congress. The disrespect is profound.

Whitaker claims he has not told President Trump or "senior White House officials" about the Special Counsel investigation. Asked if he told any third party about the investigation who he thinks may have conveyed that info to the WH, Whitaker refuses to give a straight answer.

SNAP!! Chairman Nadler asks Whitaker to appear for a transcribed deposition in which he will either answer questions or clearly declare executive privilege.

Whitaker says "I see that your five minutes is up." The shameless chutzpah of this guy!

Whitaker says he is the person in charge of the Special Counsel investigation and has exercised that authority under the department's regulations.

Continuing his hysterical meltdown @RepDougCollins uses his 5 minutes for political theater and to attack career government official Bruce Ohr for doing his job. The president's congressional allies are determined to make it dangerous for people who try to uphold the rule of law.

Whitaker chastises the constitutional body with authority over him for doing their duty.

Committee adjourns temporarily for scheduled votes.

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