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Dinner is ruinously expensive, says publication owned by guy who'd have to pick up a large chunk of the tab.

In all seriousness, this is how the whole billionaire con works. Watch the steps.

1. Make a fortune selling equipment to lubricate finance as it's staging a takeover of the economy.

Financialization is the big, dark economic force of our time, and you make your billions fueling it.

2. The investors you are equipping with better, faster information succeed in their revolution, displacing management teams and communities and workers and even customers as the focus and lifeblood of companies.

3. This financialization, for which you are a great wingman, helps push the planet toward existential peril. When companies chase returns above all, when they must grow no matter what, the ones that sell fossil fuels double down on their toxic business models.

4. Meanwhile, you've gotten rich from all that lubricating of financiers.

You want to give back. You become a "leader" of fighting climate change through your foundation.

You salve by philanthropic moonlight some of the harmful activity you abetted by operational daylight.

5. Now, with the aura of a philanthropist whose heart bleeds for Earth, with your role in America's financialization seldom mentioned in these discussions, you use the media outlet you own to fight a proxy war.

Against democratic ways of saving the planet that would cost you.

6. And then you flirt with running for president yourself, using the elevated platform this gives you to seemingly hug the idea while decapitating it. Calling it "pie in the sky." !

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