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Putting it here from my book re:Bezos/texts on how repressive governments work. Increasingly, the hacking targets personal, not political activity (inevitably kinda public). Activists take political risks for themselves, personal hacking threatens their loved ones more than them.

The extortion here is threatening Bezos through his children, his separated wife, his current girlfriend. They're hoping he'll cave to protect them. This is why things like end-to-end encryption of the personal and the mundane are crucial (though with thorny issues!) to dissent.

Yes, end-to-end encryption isn't enough. End devices have to be hardened maximally to protect personal communications. Also, probably, anyone at slightest risk: if you're gonna sext, use Signal on a dedicated iOS device that you don't click on anything. ūüė¨

Also this is why the high price of iOS devices is an issue. I know lots of activists at risk who don't have Bezos billions and cannot afford iOS devices‚ÄĒeven used ones can be really expensive for people counting pennies. Please keep an entry level, cheap one available @tim_cook.

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