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I’ll offer 2 threads in answer to "how do we fight this?"

Warning: There are no easy solutions. The current GOP was decades in the making, and an authoritarian tradition in the U.S. runs deep.

How to fight this in a nutshell:

(2/7) Thread #1👇

We need the truth to come out, which will happen as the current investigations unfold, as the Democratic House gets its investigations going, and as they get better at conducting hearings.

We also need lots of grassroots organizing.

(3/7) Thread #2 starts with historical perspective, particularly on the stacking of the courts, and talks about how to survive what’s happening without wearing ourselves out.

(4/7) Also, sign up to volunteer!
I volunteered as lawyer to monitor polls and vote tabulation in 2016 and 2018 and I spent time on the Texas border giving legal advice to asylum seekers. I offered to go back but they had enough volunteers—so a lot of people are stepping up.

(5/7) You don’t need a law degree to do most of the volunteer work needed.

Elections are conducted locally. It’s not too early to find out what your state has in the way of voter protection. I can think of a few states that need some work in this area (understatement).

(6/7) Educating people is part of getting the truth out there. But (my advice) don’t try to persuade everyone. I think Trump has a floor of about 35% diehard supporters who will never change their minds. I advise not arguing with them.

(7/7) The most helpful book I know for offering solutions is How Democracies Die. The authors insist that saving a democracy requires democratic means, which I take to include grassroots organizing, elections, and democratic institutions (like independent prosecutors.)

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