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Brexit twitter sleuths. This is a new unredacted "official sensitive" Electoral Commission doc that someone's found...& that I've never seen before. Lots of details about how & why Electoral Commission picked Vote Leave over GO. Lots of questions...dig in 

A few from me to kick off. What does this reference to the "Panama Papers" mean?? Is inference that Electoral Commission had read about Arron Banks' listing in Panama Papers? If so, shouldn't questions about his donation being "impermissible" should have been flagged BEFORE ref?

Is that what this means?? If so, did Electoral Commission discuss Arron Banks fitness as a donor when discussing whether to make his GO Movement the lead campaign?? And if so, shouldn't the public have had that information?

Also, remember how @SteveBakerHW proposed setting up a "family" of campaigns to enable Vote Leave to get round electoral finance laws? Here's a whole load of ones we hadn't heard of before. Document notes that overseeing them is Cleo Watson - now working for @theresa_may at No 10

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