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Fascinating piece that I've been itching for someone to write. Note: Brits, you will think this has nothing to do with you: Mueller, Mossad, Trump. Think again.Not mentioned here are crucial links to Cambridge Analytica, London & its ex-biggest shareholder 

A month after Trump was elected Cambridge Analytica signed a memorandum of understanding with Psy Group, an Israeli intel firm that boasted of using fake social media accounts that helped get Trump elected

....and here's Cambridge Analytica's ex-biggest shareholder, Vincent Tchenguiz, a key figure in the development of the entire industry with major links to both Terrogence & Black Cube

...and I spent months researching how Cambridge Analytica worked with Israeli hackers who gained access to now-President's emails & used them to smear him. Also working on this campaign: AIQ, the data firm at the heart of Brexit 

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