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Intelligence committees do not evaluate evidence, they provide oversight over agencies. So who was the anonymous Dem saying this? 

This headline is yellow journalism. That is NOT what "The Senate" said.


Congressional intelligence committees - HPSCI and SSCI - were established to give the Legislative Branch *oversight* over the Intelligence Community.

On occasion, they may undertake an investigation to better understand what the USIC is facing, as they have done here.

Neither the Intelligence Community nor the Congressional committees with oversight could EVER establish "proof" through "evidence," because they literally have no purview to do so.

One of the agencies they oversee, the FBI, is the one who would hand over info for prosecution.

This is exactly like all the yellow journalism claiming that "The USIC" said "they had no evidence of collusion" when Clapper or Brennan kicked that question back.

Not because they didn't have reams of intel on these idiot traitors, but because THEY ONLY DO ASSESSMENTS.

It's up to the Executive Branch - FBI, DOJ - to decide whether to bring forth a prosecution. The case or cases are then run through a third branch, the Judiciary, for the trial, run by a judge and possibly set before a jury which decides whether a burden of proof is established.

Whether through incompetence or malice, the US MSM has been for TWO YEARS trying to knock this story down as indictments drop like snowstorms and witnesses are flipping left and right over the collusion "for which there is no proof."

Journalists should take 9th grade civics. </>

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