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Oh @afneil, you spoil me. A new photo. With ALL the greats.
Farage of course...but meet David Burnside: ex-Ulster unionist MP. And ex-PR to ex-Cambridge Analytica shareholder, Tchenguiz. Ex-publicity fluffer for Dmitryo Firtash, Ukrainian oligarch wanted by FBI. And..drum roll..

...there's even an Oakeshott connection! Burnside used to employ her husband, Nigel Rosser. I know! What are the odds?!? Anyway, this is what Burnside is most famous for. Introducing the Tories to Putin's top pals.

These guys. Burnside likes to hang with Putin's judo buddy & co-author. Here is is with him at the Conservatives Black & White ball in 2013. Today, @Billbrowder gave evidence to parliament about how govt has failed to take action against Russian dirty money...because 🤔

Loving this correction from the Standard. Oakeshott's husband *used* to work for him. And he employs the son of a Kremlin advisor, *not* a Kremlin official. Got that, right? Good. Because - keep up! - that's the same Kremlin advisor who's friends with Arron Banks...

It's Kremlin advisor, Nekrassov senior, that we know @arron_banks was in touch with. Who said he'd "help us from any angle with the Leave campaign". конечно, товарищ!

(You following this @LenMcCluskey?? Wouldn't want you to miss out on any of this "democratic fabric" stuff. I mean it's not as if @arron_banks has had any impact on any of your members' jobs. Oh.)

But back to you, @afneil. That firm David Burnside's client used to own? And that @nigel_farage's campaign denies using? That's what was it again...a "conspiracy theory"?

And this, @afneil, is one of only two statements you've ever made about Russian interference? Or have I just missed all the others?

(h/t for the Burnside photo @twistopherrobin)

This is fascinating though for Trump-Russia watchers & for Brits. The DOJ says Firtash is a mobster. And a close associate of Manafort. And Burnside worked for him while connecting Russian donors to the Conservative party...

So yes. Quelle shock. The Conservative party must have some bloody great skeletons in that closet. And, Labour too..

Whoa. I desperately need to go to bed but this is fascinating. @HelenGoodmanMP, shadow FCO minister, says Firtash - ie the Russian mob - actually owns Burnside’s firm

So back to this exchange. This didn’t mean much to me when I first saw it. But we know from court docs that Nekrassov senior is paid £10k month by Burnside’s firm. Which is owned by Firtash. Who FBI say is Russian mob...

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