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This is my worst nightmare. And exactly why I’m paranoid AF when I travel.

Among other things, I use this lock to stay safe. I always ask for two keys and either don’t let maids in or ruffle the other side of the bed.


While I'm on this topic...

- I don't get in elevators with men. I will wait until I can ride up alone or exclusively with women. ( https://youtu.be/l0JtgRiaS4M )
- I make the hotel look my room up by my last name if I'm grabbing something from the convenience store.

- I cover the room number on the card they hand me as soon as they hand it to me.
- I pay with a card instead of paying with the room if I get even a hint of creepiness from literally anyone.
- I put on my resting bitch face when eating alone in hotel bars. Never engage alone.

- I check in with a male friend at the conference when I make it back to my hotel.
- If the hotel elevators have a number display, I push multiple floors or I get off at the wrong one and walk down the stairs.
- I never let staff walk me up to my room.

- If there is a man in the hallway, I will not go near my room. I'll literally just sit down until the hall is empty.
- I abandon drinks if I have to go to the bathroom during dinner alone. Any open vessel on my table is sent back and I order new drinks (even water).

- I ALWAYS accept that my behavior will be awkward/rude/bitchy because I don't give a single fuck.
- If I'm traveling without colleagues, I don't stay at the event venue. This prevents attendees from easily finding me.

Stay safe, friends. ♥️

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