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Death by a thousand cuts seems to be People's Daily anti-America strategy. Their social team is either too pure, or they're dunking on our furries. Before I sound like a madman: some of Russia's IRA was tasked with infiltrating those Tumblr communities — the play book is written.

You can find a lot of this soft power 'trolling' appearing — it has ticked up recently on People's Daily and other western China channels. Russia's IRA did really change the landscape, & this nation tit-for-tat will play out in ways we haven't seen before.  https://twitter.com/i/moments/1096318369085706240 

The trolling continues in diplomacy. They come for our furries, and then our centuries of discriminatory housing policy and racial segregation.

"[China's diplomat called] out the U.S. for its gun violence, mistreatment of women, money in politics, & dropped more stats about the plight of black citizens... [One deleted tweet described Susan Rice as] 'such a disgrace' & 'shockingly ignorant, too.'"  https://www.buzzfeednews.com/article/hayesbrown/lijian-zhao-china-embassy-diplomat-racist-black-washington 

The 50 Cent Party flood is totally about to fill the void of the Krassenstein Brothers on Twitter

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