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Trying to opt-out of @Visa from selling or using my data takes me to an insecure http site and @Mastercard's has a broken image jpg that I assume is a captcha so won't work. They bury this stuff and apparently don't even maintain it so even if you accidentally find it, good luck.

I mean, it's 2019, and @Visa wants people to submit credit card numbers over http to try to opt-out of having very private data sold to whomever. ::headdesk::

Mastercard fixed the captcha. Here's the link to opting out of having your Mastercard purchases be used for analytics and further targeting.  https://www.mastercard.us/en-us/about-mastercard/what-we-do/privacy/data-analytic-opt-out.html 

And now Visa has fixed its certificate. Here's the link to opt-out of your Visa credit card data for being used for analytics and further targeting:  https://marketingreportoptout.visa.com/OPTOUT/request.do 

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