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10. Spend decades widening the gulf between rich and poor, reducing necessary services.

9. Establish the narrative of an 'other’ as responsible for the deprivation and disenfranchisement of large parts of the population - preferably an ‘elite’ class.

Ethnic minorities work a treat.

8. Start, or start financing political parties at the fringes, most prominently on the Far Right, encouraging would-be demagogues and zealots.

7. Create links between these Far Right parties and those with money and power. Remove the possibility of serious judicial penalty.

Bonus if there's a war hero to associate with, but work with what you've got.

6. Establish media outlets sympathetic, or completely tame to these Far Right causes

Have them constantly pushing against 'elites’ and the institutions they represent.

Claim they are being censored.

5. Empower demagogues and other firebrand figures to form street movements with links to tge Far Right parties - explicit or otherwise.

Send them out to perform ‘actions’ against their chosen enemies.

4. In reporting on these street movements, focus on their opponents. Demonize and portray them as a violent, existential threat.

3. Infiltrate police and security services, stacking the deck. Assist Far Right street movements with Intel and material support.

2. Use every incidence of push-back as grounds to ‘tighten the noose’, so to speak.

Emergency situations work well too.

If especially severe, use them to purge the demagogues and their followers.

1. Strip democratic rights and protections to ensure ‘security’ in ‘turbulent times’.

Offer special deals to corporate allies.

Enrich yourself beyond measure.

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