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NEW: Cambridge Analytica employee who worked on Brexit is subpoeaned by Robert Mueller. This is BIG. Brittany Kaiser - who sat next to @arron_banks at LeaveEU launch - becomes subject of Mueller inquiry into Trump-Russia collusion 💣🔥🎆 

This is Kaiser at the launch of LeaveEU talking about Cambridge Analytica’s work for the campaign. She gave evidence to parliament in which she said Banks had lied about the company’s involvement

This now the SECOND Cambridge Analytica employee to have been subpoenaed by Mueller. Sam Patten - whose business partner Mueller identified as linked to Russian intelligence - has already entered into a plea deal. Kaiser is first figure, however, linked directly to Brexit.

.@DamianCollins hitting nail on head. Kaiser was in middle of an extraordinary set of connections. She worked on Brexit. She worked on Trump. She met Assange. And she had *interesting* friends. In 2015, she introduced the firm to Israeli intel operatives...who hacked a president

Watch Kaiser give extraordinary evidence to parliament about the extraordinary lies @arron_banks & @andywigmore have told. Pretty much everything she talks about here is illegal.

Meanwhile Wigmore, who was a diplomat of a foreign country while he worked on the Brexit campaign, throws a hissy fit

Kaiser is clear: Cambridge Analytica did work for LeaveEU. The work was not reported. It was foundational to the campaign. The Electoral Commission needs to re-open its investigation.

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