Ramez Naam @ramez Books: Nexus Series / The Infinite Resource. Faculty @SingularityU. Energy, climate, & innovation wonk. Optimist. Feb. 19, 2019 1 min read

1/ This is part of why I believe we're near a tipping point on clean electricity, *and* that global policy on renewables has been much more effective than realized.

Money losing coal + RE as cheapest new electricity --> rapid electricity decarbonization.

(Rapid = ~10-20 yrs).

2/ If you count policy success as "how much have we decarbonized so far", it's a huge disappointment.

Count it as "how close are we to clean [electricity / cars] outcompeting all competition and taking over the world" and it's much more encouraging.

We're not done, but close.

3/ Our policy goals now need to be:
a) Finish the job on clean electricity & EVs. Put them over that tipping point in all geographies, and clear away regulatory barriers.

b) Copy the winning solar / wind / EV formala in agriculture, industry, & heating.


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