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Look at that. Bernie Sanders picks Nina Turner as a campaign co-chair.

Here she is supporting Jill Stein to be President

Folks ...


The video is from the People's Convention in July 2016 after Bernie had already lost the nomination.

Nina Turner turned down the opportunity to be Jill Stein's Vice Presidential nominee. But you won't find one photo or sound bite of Nina Turner promoting the 2016 Democratic nominee for president.

If I'm wrong, please share one. I would love to see Nina Turner at a Clinton rally

Nina Turner is also president of Our Revolution.

Our Revolution endorsed Kucinich to be OH governor

He spent a year on Fox saying the Russian crimes are a hoax to smear Trump

Why is Bernie Sanders promoting this? Turner as a co-chair?

Par for the Bernie Sanders course.

Bernie Sanders named Cornel West, to the DNC platform committee. West endorse Jill Stein to be president. Committee. West endorsed Jill Stein to be president.

Sorry for the typos. I am helping the kids go shopping for winter formal :-)

First video is in July of 2016.

This video of Nina Turner is from Octobet 31, 2016, 8 days before we voted

Bernie Sanders' 2020 campaign co-chair mades it clear that she did not support the 2016 Democratic nominee.

She says she doesn't support anyone in the election.

Folks @iowademocrats @NHDems please do your detailed homework quickly on Bernie Sanders & get the facts out

3 days before we voted in 2016, Bernie Sanders was giving a pass to people considering a vote for Trump

Bernie Sanders' 2020 co-chair in June of 2017, speading the lie that Democrats & Republicans are the same.

Earlier in June Trump pulled the US from the landmark Paris climate agreement.

This "both sides" lie caused my brother not to vote in 2016.

Nina Turner is back for 2020?

The first video in this feed is from the people's convention in July of 2016.

It shows Nina Turner introducing Jill Stein.

Turner is a co-chair for Bernie Sanders 2020 presidential campaign

Googled for more details on the convention ...


A link to the 2016 convention. I can't find much about it but I'm in a hurry. I see that Reverend Barber was there. I find his sermons, speeches to be extremely inspiring. Don't know if it was a counter to the Democratic Convention or a companion


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