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This ruling is incredible! Both the voter ID & income tax cap amendments would be struck down because the court finds that North Carolina's Republican legislature lost its claim to popular sovereignty after it was elected by illegal gerrymanders #NCpol

Illegally gerrymandered legislatures should not have the power to amend the fundamental governing document of the state in ways that entrench their power. Hopefully this ruling survives a near-certain Republican appeal

Excellent question. The only other constitutional amendment passed since the GOP-gerrymandered legislature took office after 2012 was a 2014 measure letting criminal defendants waive their right to a jury trial, which legislators passed almost unanimously

This is key: This North Carolina ruling is not without precedent in U.S. history

The ruling distinguishes between statutes & constitutional amendments

NEW: North Carolina state court invalidates voter ID constitutional amendment because it was passed by an illegally gerrymandered Republican legislature (via @DavidNir) #NCpol 

Since the #whataboutism brigade want to excuse North Carolina GOP gerrymandering with "Dems too!", let's get our facts straight: State courts struck down Dems' legislative maps in Stephenson v. Bartlett 2002, & NC had nonpartisan lege maps all last decade 

Sure, Democrats have tried to gerrymander, too. But they got rebuked in court 17 years ago, & the GOP won majorities later that decade as soon as they had a great election cycle. Stands in sharp contrast to 2018, where Democratic popular vote wins didn't translate into majorities

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